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Shotgun Blast more or less got it's start in February of 2012, when Mick Wright and his newphew Kyle Copeland met artist Jarrod Perez at a convention in Dallas. Some original character sketches were commissioned from Jarrod, and the results were quite good, so much so that we all kept in touch. A few months later we collaborated on our first book, Mr. Demon #1. We are curently working on two titles: Mr. Demon and Gorvani's Reign.

Mr. Demon is a supernatural detective, and an assassin when the situation calls for it. Along with his assistant Mr. Black, a suit-wearing expert in reconnaissance, they operate in a world where crime is rampant. They are the only ones willing (and able) to deal with evil that is otherwise left to operate unimpeded.

Gorvani's Reign tells the story of Emperor Leone Gorvani, the immortal ruler of the world. We follow him at a time when he faces his greatest threat, and his sanity is at it's lowest point.

We plan to take each of these two books through a three or four issue arc, then bound them up in trades. The plan is to then put them on hiatus for a while, and if we're still feeling it, move on to some new, stand-alone stories. Stuff that we will wrap up in a couple of issues or one-shot trades. We'll see how it goes. Our planned release schedule is one book per year.

Kyle Copeland is an aspiring writer from small-town Oklahoma. He will soon go off to college to see what all they know.

Mick Wright is Kyle Copeland's uncle and occasional arguing writing partner.

Jarrod Perez is a freelance artist who resides in Houston, Texas. You can contact him via his website.